Update – 2/20/2019

Nicor Gas crews continue to install 20 inch steel pipe by open cut south of West Cuba Road.  This work is anticipated to be complete at end of February.  The new 20 inch pipeline from Illinois Route 22 to Bristol Trail is scheduled to be “livened” on Friday, February 22.  Following the livening of the 20 inch pipe, a series of valves and smaller pipes need to be installed north and south of Bristol Trail.   This work will continue through March. 

AT&T crews are completing installation of underground conduit.  They will continue pulling new cables in the conduits and splicing aerial cables at various locations throughout the project.  Cable installation and splicing on the main transmission line is anticipated to be complete at the end of March.  Once this is complete, work will begin to transfer to communications from the transmission line to smaller distributor cables.  Lines in conflict can start to be retired.

While the utilities have made steady progress, conflicts with the roadway improvement continue to exist preventing significant work from moving forward.  While we continue to assess the extent of utility delay impacts, it is evident some work items will not be completed until the 2020 construction season.

Please continue to check back for project updates.