Update – 6/11/19

Drier weather this past week allowed large-scale earth excavation and roadway embankment to take place.  Material is being excavated from high areas, then placed and compacted in lower areas.  The profile of the road will be changed slightly.  In general, high points will be lowered and low points will be raised to provide a roadway with more gradual slopes.  Storm sewer across from Bristol Trail is nearly complete.  This week the crews will move to north of Boschome Drive and south of Illinois Route 22.  Concrete leveling pads were poured for the retaining wall south of Illinois Route 22.  This allowed the contractor to begin installing the precast panels.  Metal straps connected to the panels are compacted within lifts of aggregate.  The aggregate is then tested to assure density requirements are achieved.  Excavation for a retaining wall at Buffalo Creek will resume this week and level pads are anticipated to be poured near the end of the week.

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.