Update – 6/25/19

Significant progress was made for the retaining wall at Buffalo Creek.  The wall was excavated to the bottom footing grade.  Panels were placed and the wall was constructed back above creek level.  A portion of the 78” storm sewer pipe at the creek was also replaced during this work effort.  Storm sewer crews continued work south of West Cuba Road and north of Boschome Drive.  Other work performed last week included removing the steel sheets for the temporary retaining wall north of Greenwood Drive and framing for the top of the wall anchor slab at the wall south of Illinois Route 22 began.  Little progress was made last week on earth excavation and roadway embankment placement due to the ongoing rainy weather.  Work will continue this week on storm sewer installation, retaining wall construction, and earthwork activities pending weather. 

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.