Update – 7/16/19

This past week, dry weather allowed for significant earthwork progress throughout the job. Embankment was placed and the clay was graded to proposed elevation from the Kildeer Village Hall to East Cuba Road. Aggregate base course placement can now begin for this area. Work continued on the retaining walls north of East Cuba Road and at Buffalo Creek. The temporary sheet pile retaining wall at Buffalo Creek was removed and placement of concrete retaining wall panels will be completed early this week. Storm sewer work continued at various locations along the project. An existing box culvert which crosses under Quentin Road south of Illinois Route 22 was extended to the east to pass through the new retaining wall. This week, anchor slab construction will continue for the retaining wall south of Illinois Route 22 and will begin at the retaining wall at Buffalo Creek. Earthwork and placement of aggregate subgrade will continue at various locations. Storm sewer installation will continue south of West Cuba Road. Excavation will begin for two retaining walls south of West Cuba Road and south of the Kildeer Village Hall.

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.