Update – 8/5/19

Installation of new sanitary sewer force main pipes resumed this past week between East Cuba and West Cuba Roads.  The new pipe will be pressure tested and connected to the existing system early this week.  When the new system is active the old pipes will be removed.

Storm sewer installation continued at various project locations.  Of note the storm sewer at the far northern project limits was completed which will allow for the construction of the pavement aggregate in this area to begin.  Work on the retaining wall at Buffalo Creek continued this past week and is expected to be complete this week.

Last week, work on a block retaining wall north of Greenwood Drive was started along with the retaining wall south of the Kildeer Village Hall.  Both walls are expected to take several weeks to complete. 

Roadway aggregate was placed along most of the new lanes between Hidden Valley Drive and High Knoll Court as well as between Bristol Trail and Greenwood Drive.  The final aggregate capping layer for the new roadway was also placed south of Bristol Trail.  This capping aggregate is recycled from the old asphalt pavement which was processed on site to meet gradation specifications. 

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.