Update – 8/19/19

Storm sewer installation is nearing completion for the first stage of work as two crews worked together last week between East and West Cuba Roads.  Storm sewer in this section will be complete early this week.  The completion of the underground work will be followed by grading for the aggregate base under the proposed roadway.

Concrete curb and gutter was poured at several project locations.  The curb is the new right edge of pavement for the northbound lanes.  The majority of the curb was poured utilizing a slip form curb machine.  Concrete was poured into a hopper in the front of the machine and placed behind in the curb shape.  The machine was guided by sensors following a string line.  Concrete finishers worked out imperfections and then sprayed the curb with a compound to slow the curing process to prevent cracking.   Additional project locations will be poured this week.

Work on a block retaining wall north of Greenwood Drive was completed last week.  A black ornamental fence will be placed at the top of the wall. 

The retaining wall south of the Kildeer Village Hall was completed last week.  Crews will be removing equipment that was needed to construct the wall.  Storm sewer and roadway aggregate installation will follow.  Asphalt paving could potentially begin the end of this week.  Please be aware this will require multiple trucks pulling into and out of the work zone.  As always, please use extreme caution when driving through the project limits.

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.