Update – 10/14/19

Removal of the existing pavement in the middle of Quentin Road continued last week.  The material that is being removed will be processed and recycled for reuse as the subgrade below the new pavement.  This operation will continue through the end of the week. 

Storm sewer crossings were extended through the median.  The crossings will direct water collected in the curb of the future southbound lanes eastward.  Storm sewer work will occur sporadically over the next couple of weeks as pavement removal and working space becomes available.

Asphalt paving is expected to resume this week.  Areas to be paved include the far north and south job limits and the median on East Cuba Road.  The shared use path is also anticipated to be paved.  Other work expected this week is earth excavation, grading, and aggregate installation in the median.

The current lane configuration is expected to be in place until the beginning of November.  When paving is completed in the center of Quentin Road, the southbound lanes will be shifted east so the west side of the road can be constructed.  This lane configuration will be in place through the winter.

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.