Update – 11/04/19

Snow and colder temperatures limited work last week.  Nonetheless, fine grading and temporary pavement installation was completed in the median of Quentin Road and on West Cuba Road.  Temporary paving operations are now complete for this stage.   Permanent pavement on the north side of East Cuba Road was also installed last week. 

Work for the upcoming week includes placing concrete with ADA warning tiles at intersection gaps in the shared use path.  Also, aggregate shoulders will be placed along the edges of the temporary pavement.  These operations are anticipated to be completed early this week.  Pavement marking for the next stage of construction is also expected to be completed this week.  The southbound lanes will be shifted east so the west side of the road can be constructed.  This lane configuration will be in place through the winter.

Nicor gas crews are expected to return to the site soon to begin removal of the 18” gas line that was retired last May.

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.