Update – 02/25/2020

Retaining wall installation continues on the west side of Quentin Road across from Boschome Drive.  The crew completed the wall to its southern limits and is now working northward.  A section of work on this wall includes hand forming and installing cast in place drainage structures.  When this wall is complete, the crew will move on to the retaining wall north of Pine Lake Circle.

Crews have also resumed installing storm sewer structures at select project locations.  This work is anticipated to continue for the next week.  Other work completed this past week includes removal of old storm sewer, concrete curb and pavement.  Preliminary work on the noise abatement wall near the Quentin Road and West Cuba Road intersection is anticipated to begin the week of March 2nd.  Please keep in mind all construction activities, particularly during winter months, are dependent on weather and crew availability.

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.