Update – 04/06/2020

Noise abatement wall construction has started. The contractor began augering shafts into the ground and filling them with reinforcing steel and concrete. These shafts are the foundation for the noise wall columns. Precast concrete panels are inserted between the columns.

Work continues at multiple retaining walls throughout the project. The last parapet section was placed on the wall across from Boschome Drive on Friday, April 3rd. Crews have been forming the reinforced concrete anchor slab north of Pine Lake Circle. Portions of the anchor slab will be poured this week.

Work on the wall north of East Cuba Road started this week. Crews are excavating existing material, replacing portions of an existing pipe, and placing wall panels. Work on this wall will continue for the next several weeks.

Other project work includes topsoil placement on the east side of Quentin Road. Crews will continue to place and prepare the topsoil this week and anticipate installing permanent landscaping soon. Also this week, traffic on West Cuba Road is scheduled to be shifted slightly north so work can begin on the south side of the road.

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.