Update – 04/21/2020

Noise abatement wall construction continues.  The remaining precast columns and panels have been installed between West Cuba Road and Pheasant Ridge Drive.  Noise abatement wall column installation will begin this week north of Pheasant Ridge Drive.


Work continues at multiple retaining walls throughout the project limits.  The parapet for the wall north of Pine Lake Circle is now complete since the last portion was poured on Friday, April 17th.  Work on the retaining wall north of East Cuba Road is ongoing and is expected to continue for the next several weeks.


Permanent landscaping on the east side of Quentin Road continues.  Sod is being placed between the curb and shared use path.  West of the shared use path, crews will place seed and erosion control blanket.  Landscaping on the east side of Quentin Road will be complete near the end of this week.


Other project work over the last couple of weeks includes removal of the old southbound Quentin Road lanes and portions of West Cuba Road.  Crews will removed existing storm sewer, curb and gutter and driveways within the project limits.  In the next couple of weeks, installation of storm sewer and placement of aggregate for the new roadway is expected to begin. 

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.