Update – 05/04/2020

Old Quentin Road pavement removal is compete.  This will allow storm sewer crews to install the remaining pipe crossings.  Storm sewer work is anticipated to continue for the next couple of weeks.

Work on noise abatement walls is ongoing.  Portions of precast columns and panels have been installed at Pheasant Ridge Drive and Buffalo Creek.  More noise wall columns and panels in this area are expected to be installed this week.  There are a few post and panel locations which will be installed at a later date as we work through underground conflicts.

Work continues on the retaining wall at Buffalo Creek.  Reinforcing steel is anticipated to be installed on top of a portion of the wall this week and will be followed by concrete.  The noise wall will be extended on top of the retaining wall.


Seeding on the east side of Quentin Road is nearly complete.  The remaining areas on the east side of Quentin Road which have not been blanked will be seeded with a native grass seed mixture when planting time and temperatures are appropriate.


Other project work over the last couple of weeks included subbase excavation and preparation for the roadway aggregate north of Lea Lane.  Excavation work and aggregate placement is expected to continue over the next several weeks.  Also anticipated is concrete staining on the MSE Walls and parapets.

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.