Update – 05/18/2020

Work on the noise abatement walls is ongoing. Portions of precast columns and panels have been installed between Pheasant Ridge Drive and Buffalo Creek. Certain post and panel locations will be installed at a later date as we continue to work through underground conflicts. At this time there is not a date when each conflict will be resolved but continue to work and meet with utility companies to work through these issues.   Aggregate for the new roadway has been placed at the northern and southern project limits. This work will continue through the central portion over the next several weeks as weather and ground conditions allow.   Concrete curb and gutter placement started last Friday (5/15/2020). A machine is used to “slip form” the majority of the curb to eliminate the need to use wood forms and shaping by hand. This work will continue intermittently over the next several weeks and will include segments of the new raised median curb.   Over the last couple of weeks other project work included storm sewer structure and pipe installations. Storm sewer installation is expected to be complete this week, pending weather and ground conditions. Crews also started work to extend an Read More