Update – 06/02/2020

Crews completed underground storm sewers for roadway construction last week on both Quentin Road and West Cuba Road.  Two culvert pipes and an extension of an existing box culvert, all immediately south of Illinois Route 22, are the last of the drainage work remaining until the final stages of the project.


Roadway excavation, grading, and aggregate placement were completed from Pine Lake Circle to Pheasant Ridge Road.  This work will continue northward to Bristol Trail Road over the next week.


Other project work over the last couple of weeks included placement of curb and gutter, which comprised areas of the new landscaped median north and south of Lea Lane. Crews also continued staining retaining wall parapets at the south job limits. Asphalt for the new roadway is anticipated for the week of June 8th. Please watch for trucks entering and leaving the road. Work on noise walls and retaining walls between Pheasant Ridge Road and Lea Lane may resume the week of June 8th as we are anticipating some of the utility conflicts to be moved this week.


Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.