Update – 07/27/2020

Concrete sidewalk placement on the west side of Quentin Road started this past week. The sidewalk will extend from just north of Pine Lake Circle to just south of Illinois Route 22. The sidewalk is placed on a 4” aggregate base. Placement of the sidewalk is anticipated to continue through the end of the week.   Noise abatement wall construction continued last week.  Crews installed columns, panels, and decorative caps at multiple locations and power washed the walls.  The noise walls are near complete with the exception of a section south of Bristol Trail Road.  This location will be built once the utility company relocates the power lines in conflict.   Other project work over the last couple of weeks included completion of the retaining wall north of Lea Lane and installation of traffic signal wiring.  Work anticipated over the next couple of weeks includes installation of the new traffic signal posts and mast arms.  Traffic will be placed into a new traffic pattern on Wednesday, July 29th.  The northbound and southbound lanes will be jogged to the outside lane of the new roadway.  This will allow for the removal of temporary pavement and placement of median curb and permanent pavement.  Read More

Update – 07/15/2020

Construction started on a retaining wall north of Lea Lane.  A truck was supplied by ComEd to support a utility pole while the wall is being constructed due to excavations near the base of the pole.  Construction of this wall is anticipated to be complete this week.   Hot-mix asphalt was placed on the north half of West Cuba Road and at Pheasant Ridge Drive.   Paving is completed for this stage of work.  The next area of permanent pavement will be in the medians.   Noise abatement wall panel installation as well as drilling and pouring foundations for the noise abatement walls resumed over the last two weeks.  Columns were placed on the poured foundations.  Additional noise abatement wall panels are expected to be installed this week.  One column north of Pheasant Ridge Drive and several columns south of Bristol Trail Road will be completed at a later date due to utility conflicts.   Other project work over the last couple of weeks included installing traffic signal foundations at the West Cuba Road and East Cuba Road intersections.  Work anticipated over the next couple of weeks includes grading for sidewalk on the west side of Quentin Road and pulling traffic Read More

Update – 06/30/2020

Hot-mix asphalt paving operations took place over the last two weeks. Crews placed three of the four lifts on future southbound Quentin Road and West Cuba Road. The final surface lift will be placed near the end of the project.   Between the top two lifts of hot-mix asphalt, a joint sealant was placed. The sealant prevents water infiltration which leads to premature joint failure during freeze-thaw cycles. The joint sealant placement is tested to assure the proper application rate.   Work on West Cuba Road proceeded quickly as the southern and center sections were constructed. This required multiple traffic pattern changes. Work is ongoing on the northern portion of West Cuba Road.   Other project work over the last couple of weeks included installation of conduit for traffic signals and installation of railings on retaining wall parapets. Work anticipated over the next couple of weeks includes construction of a retaining wall north of Lea Lane, resuming work on select portions of the noise abatement walls, and sidewalk placement. Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.