Update – 08/17/2020

Over the last couple of weeks, permanent traffic signal equipment was installed. In addition, concrete sidewalk placement on the west side of Quentin Road continued and is nearly complete. After traffic was moved to the outside drive lanes on Wednesday, July 29th, work in the medians was allowed to move forward. This included removing the temporary staging pavement and placing concrete curb and gutters.



Topsoil was respread on the west side of Quentin Road and in the medians. The topsoil was tilled, fine graded and the permanent seed with erosion control blanket was placed. Sod will be placed in the areas between the curb and sidewalk at a future date, as will trees in the parkway and medians.

Asphalt placement in the turn lanes is scheduled for this week. Delays continue due to underground power lines in conflict with the final remaining portion of noise wall south of Bristol Trail Road. After the lines are moved, southbound traffic will once again need to be jogged to the east for the section north and south of Bristol Trail Road so the wall can be built. This temporary traffic change will be in place for about a month. Upon completion of the wall, the final asphalt surface and permanent pavement markings will be placed.

Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.