Update – 10/06/2020

Placement of the noise wall columns and panels south of Bristol Trail Road was completed late the week of September 21st.  This week, the area adjacent to the wall will be backfilled.  Sidewalk along the wall is anticipated to be placed at the end of this week.  Next week, the area will be topsoiled and landscaped.  Upon completion of the work south of Bristol Trail, southbound traffic will be returned to the outermost lane. Installation of decorative landscaping stone continues at multiple project locations.  The decorative stone placement will continue at the retaining wall south of West Cuba Road and along the recently placed noise wall south of Bristol Trail.  The stone provides a low maintenance decorative surface. Work on a structural concrete liner is starting on an existing culvert that crosses under Quentin Road, north of East Cuba Road.  The structural liner is a cost effective means to repair the culvert which will have little to no disruption to traffic versus traditional removal and replacement.  Temporary access points are being constructed to provide a means for crews to stage the equipment needed for this work.  Application of the liner is anticipated to begin next week, October 12th.  Please note Read More