Update – 10/20/2020

A structural liner was applied to the interior of the culvert at Buffalo Creek. The liner was applied due to deterioration of the existing pipe. The liner application was used versus traditional removal and replacement due to its minimal impact to traffic. The temporary access road needed to apply the liner has been removed, the area has been re-graded, and the disturbed areas will be re-landscaped in the coming weeks. Topsoil was prepared and sod was placed along the west side of Quentin Road. Trees will be planted in the coming weeks in the medians and parkways as well as some areas are scheduled to receive native seed grass mixtures. Placement of the final asphalt surface is anticipated to begin this week and will continue through next week.  Please watch for trucks entering and leaving the roadway.  This work will be followed by placement of the final pavement markings and signs.  At this time, the new traffics signals are scheduled to be turned on the week of November 2nd. Please check the Photos tab for more in-depth information regarding the project.